ID: 2420
Man, class 4 (Confirmed)
42 years old
Born in Tel Aviv (Israel)
Ranked #25 in class 4 and #67 in men in wheelchair.
Best rank #12 in class 4 was on May 2014. View history
Height: 177 cm
Impairment: Spinal Cord Injuries, Accident
Nickname: Popay
Profession: Athlete
Residence: Bat-yam (Israel)
Personal coach(es): Dudik Altaraz
Club: Spivak

Motto: Train hard, do the best to win every game and believe in yourself.

Last tournament: 2021 Paralympic World Qualification Tournament
First tournament: 2005 EuroChamp Table Tennis Tournament
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Major medals

3 2013 European Championships Bronze in Singles class 4

Minor medals

3 2019 Dutch Open Para Table Tennis Bronze in Singles class 4
3 2019 Para Finland OpenMatti Launonen Memorial Bronze in Singles class 4
3 2019 PTT Spanish Open Bronze in Teams class 5
2 2017 14th Slovenian Open Silver in Teams class 4
2 2017 Lignano Master Open Silver in Singles class 4

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